The Scottish Independence Movement

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The Scottish Independence Movement

In September of 2014, the nation of Scotland will vote in one of the most momentous open votes in contemporary Western Europe.

The 2014 Scottish Referendum reflects a surge in nationalism that has been rising in its current form since the 1970s, when a previous independence referendum failed by the United Kingdom’s standards. Determined to secure a successful result in another attempt, the Scottish National Party (SNP) captured the majority in the 2011 elections and immediately established a new date.

Scotland is a land of endless grace and beauty, with an endlessly rich history of art, literature, and intellectualism. At the hands of an empire reaching the bottom of its decline, Scotland’s livelihood has been stifled by Westminster. Ministers of the SNP have long been arguing about what Scotland can achieve with sovereignty and the ability for full self-determination: they could ban nuclear weapons from passing through their seas, capitalize on North Sea Oil to fund the government, and perhaps even generate a small second cultural enlightenment.

Scottish ReferendumThe Scottish Cabinet will open session in the summer to prepare contingency plans for once a referendum decision is made, and conclude programming and final campaigning before the vote is held. Cabinet members will decide how to navigate a Yes or No result and establish direction for a country of 5.3 million. If ‘Yes,’ Scotland must determine how to enter the European Union, establish or adopt a new currency, and establish a defense ministry. If ‘No,’ the cabinet can direct the country to become an Independent Commonwealth realm, apply for further devolution, or seek an alternate route to freedom. No matter what, the path will be constantly challenged by the British Parliament. The key is holding together the spirit of the Scottish Nation through these turbulent waters.”